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    Acting respectfully to law and professional ethical values, the protection of rights of persons and institutions is provided in the environment of trust with the experience based on long years and with the vision that follows up all developments closely.


    The law is deemed as a whole and all legal problems that our clients may encounter in all areas are solved. According to this, it is our basic value to guide our clients by foreseeing all probable risks while there is no apparent problem.

  • Timing and Reliability

    We inform the people and institutions that we represent about all the results we have foreseen regarding their legal problems on the basis of the principle that “late justice is not justice”. We act quickly and persistently to reach the best legal result with all of the information presented to our side. In order to show modern approaches and be a pioneer, by following up the latest information and technology we ensure that our clients adapt quickly to all developments and changes that the law brings.

  • Quality Management

    Thanks to the "Zero Error Policy" we aim for quality and faultless service. For the satisfaction of our clients, it is aimed to meet and exceed future expectations that are present and come with change. All data of our law firm is reported monthly by the expert attorney team, and it is aimed to analytically follow up the reports and correct all problems which will appear afterwards. At this point, the concept of the PACP (Plan - Apply - Check - Prevent) cycle is applied to provide permanent development of our law firm.

Şahin Law Firm

Şahin Law Firm is an eminent, independent Turkish law firm based in Izmir. Founded in 1993 by Serkan Şahin and Canan Şahin, Şahin Law Firm provides attorney and legal consultancy services for reputable companies, institutions, organizations and individuals composed of domestic and foreign investors with the experience of more than 20 years. All of our lawyers are well respected in their practice areas. Our Firm, with its experienced team, provides high-quality legal services in English, French, Turkish, Italian and Russian languages for a variety of clients. 


Our basic approach is to provide our clients with the best solution to their requirements and to be able to respond to their demands in the quickest way by analyzing their profiles correctly. It is aimed to achieve the objective in all cases submitted to the courts by evaluating all scenarios with a rigorous team work. At the same time, we attach a great importance to the legal consultancy services in order to make our clients best on legal consultancy matters. With a view to identify possible risks in advance, our special team closely follows up legal and sectoral changes and developments at national and international level and informs daily both our teammates and clients. Şahin Law Firm, with its services performed in the form of training, presentation, reporting, project, meeting and one-to-one interviews which are arranged periodically in accordance with requirements or demands, never compromises on the principle of being in contact with its clients and of forming a solution partnership with them.


Our practice encompasses a wide range of areas including Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Zone and Real Estate Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Media and Information Law, Maritime Trade Law, Energy Law, Contract Law.


Our law firm’s client portfolio generally consists of domestic and international corporations and companies, and also other entities affiliated with those corporations and companies. Currently, our law firm provides consultancy services for more than 80 companies and corporations.

As Şahin Law Firm, we have been striving for the promotion of law and social law consciousness since the day we were established, and we develop many social responsibility projects in order to contribute to the advancement of our  profession.


Providing academic support, we contribute to the development of trainee lawyers, young colleagues and students who are in the process of law education and we transfer our knowledge and experience to new generations.


Starting from the beginning of school, we offer scholarships to students in order to cover their educational expenses. We aim for a generation who reads and does research.

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Şahin Law Firm, which brings together professionals with different expertise areas with the awareness of the fact that the way to achieve the goal is a well-organized task distribution, and believes in teamwork, provides services at the highest level with its young and dynamic staff.


Şahin Law Firm evaluates the applications of lawyer / lawyer candidates who have graduated from a prestigious law faculty and who are capable of team work in different roles and responsibilities, have strong oral competence, are committed to professional development and have good english knowledge.